Your Website and Blog Arms the Consumer

“I have been checking your blog from time to time (have added it to my collection of other political and special interest sites I visit from time to time)…

I saw your article on insurance problems (Is The Property Insurable? A Trap For The Unwary!) with flood zone sites and the highlighted need for document checking…

I realised it was about my enquiry as to (a property was considering) a few weeks ago. Sure enough ANZ and their underwriter CGU could not provide me an explicit statement that I would be covered.

After many phone calls and asking to be put through to superiors – who then put you on hold whilst they talk to the underwriting department – no clear answer was forthcoming and requests to talk directly to the underwriting department were denied.

It is a good example of relating your services (or document checking services in general) in a demonstrated case study to a real life event that provides value to the “lay-person” out there.

Indeed simply reading through your site and blog arms the consumer with many defences to the risky world of purchasing real estate (especially through an agent).”

(Name withheld at client’s request), – Victoria

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