Fixed Fee Conveyancing – Pre-purchase Legal Advice

Our fixed fee for pre-purchase legal advice on a standard residential house, unit or land in the Melbourne metropolitan area is $275 and includes the following:

1. Examination of sale documents provided (Contract of Sale of Real Estate and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement).
2. Obtaining of client’s written instructions regarding property.
3. Comparison of client’s instructions with information provided in sale documents.
4. Determining rights and obligations of client pursuant to the Contract of Sale of Real Estate and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement.
5. Assessment of risks apparent on the face of the sale documents provided.
6. Formulating advice of a general nature (i.e. advice commonly provided to consumers in transactions of a similar nature).
7. Formulating advice of a specific nature (i.e. advice regarding the particular circumstances of the client and the transaction).
8. Drafting of a formal written report, containing both general and specific advice.
9. Express email delivery (pre-purchase advice is given priority over other tasks as we recognise the urgency of such matters).
10. Priority follow-up assistance by telephone or email to clarify or to further explain advice.
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