How to Complete Your Lawyers Conveyancing Verification of Identity (VOI)

Verifying your identity is a simple matter of downloading and completing a Verification of Identity (VOI) form and submitting it as set out below.


What is Verification of Identity?
What are the Verification of Identity requirements?
How do I complete Verification of Identity in Australia?
How do I complete Verification of Identity Outside of Australia?



What is a Verification of Identity?

New laws have been introduced nationally to prevent various forms of property theft and cyber-crime associated with real estate and home loans. It is now a requirement for any person (including corporations) involved in a property purchase or sale to undergo Verification of Identity (VOI) and to provide a Client Authorisation to their legal representative for the purposes of registration of documents and the assessment of stamp duty.



What are the Verification of Identity requirements?

We advise that you should ensure the Verification of Identity process is immediately completed by:

  • The Primary Client (i.e. the person who will be dealing with us from day to day);
  • Each person whose name is to appear on the Certificate of Title as an owner of the property;
  • Anyone acting on behalf of a purchaser under a Power of Attorney;
  • The Directors of any company that may be added as a purchaser or trustee; and
  • Any person whose signature will be required for any aspect of the transaction (e.g. mortgage borrower, guarantor or indemnifier for the principal borrower).

WARNING: Settlement cannot proceed unless all participants to the matter have been formally identified and we have the Client Authorisation and Stamp Duty information forms to work from. We recommend that you make this task your first and most URGENT priority.




How do I complete Verification of Identity in Australia?

There are two agencies that are certified for completing VOI – Australia Post and ZipID.

How to present your application at Australia Post

  1. Ensure you have the right identity documents for the highest possible category.
  2. Complete the Lawyers Conveyancing Land Title Verification of Identity FormDo not sign the form. Your signature must be witnessed by an Australia Post Identity Verifier.
  3. Present your Verification of Identity Form and your correct identity documents at a participating post office. Find your closest participating post office or call 13 POST (13 76 78).

How to use ZipID

If you are unable to attend at an AusPost post office, ZipID offer an alternative by way of their “come-to-you” service. To book an appointment with ZipID:

  1. Download the Lawyers Conveyancing ZipID Land Title Identity Verification Form and follow the directions set out on the form.

Storage of your VOI

NOTE: Your Verification of Identity will remain stored in our system in encrypted digital format. Under no circumstances will we ever create a hard copy of your VOI, nor will we download and forward a copy of your VOI to any party (including you) as doing so would breach our cyber-security protocols. If you decide that you want to see a copy of your VOI you must obtain it from AusPost or ZipID.



How do I complete Verification of Identity Outside of Australia?

There are 4 simple steps to have your ID formally verified in you are outside of Australia.

Contact the Australian embassy or consulate

Make a booking at the nearest Australian embassy or consulate to have your ID documents certified.

Click here for a full list of Australian embassies and consulates overseas.

Gather the required documents

Ensure that you have the required proof of identity documents (ZipID has created a document setting out the list of Acceptable Document categories), a completed Client Authorisation form and the Witnessing Certification. You will need to present these at the Australian embassy or consulate.

Attend your interview

The Australian embassy or consulate will conduct the interview and complete the following steps:

  • Prepare and endorse copies of the original ID documents
  • Witness the CA Form (if required)
  • Complete, sign and date the Witness Certification

Send your Verification of Identity direct to us

You should immediately email your VOI to us in PDF format. You will then need to send the hard copy certified ID documents to us directly (the Australian embassy or consulate won’t do that for you). We recommend you consider options for secure transmittal of this identity information. Our postal address is:

Lawyers Conveyancing
Suite 6, 3-5 Hewish Road
Croydon Victoria 3136

Yes, it is a rather time-consuming process but it is absolutely compulsory. Remember too that VOI must be completed for each person who is involved in the conveyancing transaction, including all persons being registered as proprietors of the property. This includes, all directors of any company being registered as proprietor, and any attorneys who is acting on behalf of a purchaser under a Power of Attorney.

If you have any questions about VOI, please contact our Legal Practice Principal, Mr Peter Mericka, as he is responsible for all matters involving VOI.

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