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Business Hours

The Lawyers Conveyancing web site is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff are available during normal business hours, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Urgent legal assistance can be obtained outside of normal hours, and our after-hours telephone message includes contact details.

We have designed our service so as to allow clients and purchasers every opportunity to do business without the need for immediate personal contact. To this end we have provided on this site:

  • Downloadable e-Contracts.
  • Vendor client contact details.
  • Downloadable “Sale” and “Purchase” forms.
  • An e-Commerce facility for the purchase of information packs.

Prompt Service

It is the policy of Lawyers Real Estate to ensure that clients’ matters are commenced without delay, and with prompt written confirmation of client instructions.

Real Estate Sales

As soon as we have received your written instructions in the form of our “Sale” form, together with a copy of your real estate valuation, we will open your file, order signage and photographs, and write to you to confirm your instructions. Clients should allow 5 business days for the advertising campaign to commence (in particular, the erection of the “For Sale” sign and the uploading of the internet listing).

Conveyancing Matters

Where we have been engaged for conveyancing services, your matter will be opened immediately upon receipt of your “Sale” form or “Purchase” form, as the case may be. Relevant searches and certificates will be ordered, and a confirmation letter will be posted within 24 hours.

E-Commerce Transactions

E-Commerce transactions are completed automatically. Requested information packs are emailed to the email address provided by the customer as soon as the online transaction has been completed.

Transaction Currency

All services and products are in Australian Dollars, and include GST where applicable.

Clients Outside of Australia

Please note that all prices quoted on this website are in Australian dollars. Apart from online information pack sales, intending clients should seek a quotation for the cost of our services where the client resides outside of Australia.

Shipping and Packaging

Most correspondence and documents are mailed via Australia Post. Information packs purchased through our e-commerce facility are delivered via email.

Shipping Charges

We only charge for shipping where a client resides interstate or outside of Australia. Additional charges apply for non-standard delivery (FedEx, Registered Mail, courier services etc.).

Standard postage costs are included as part of our standard fee structure.

Client Satisfaction

Information packs provided via our e-commerce facility are automatically emailed to the customer upon completion of the online transaction.

In the event that an email delivery should fail, we will make alternative arrangements for proper deliver by way of an alternative email address, fax, or post. The method of delivery will be at the discretion of Lawyers Real Estate Pty Ltd, and will largely depend on the location of the client.

Lawyers Conveyancing is part of Lawyers Real Estate Pty Ltd, an incorporated legal practitioner. Lawyers Real Estate Pty Ltd is required to comply with the provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2004.

Any client or customer who is not satisfied with any aspect of our service is entitled to utilise our internal complaints procedure, and also has access to a variety of external complaint options. See our Complaints Procedure page for further information.

What is e-commerce?

The meaning of e-commerce can take on many variations. From publishing a web site with an invitation to send e-mail detailing the order requirements, to a completely automated “real time” order processing system, including the transfer of funds between bank accounts. The latter is closer to the actual meaning of e-commerce.

What is “real time”?

Real time means events and requests are completed immediately. Real time eliminates the need for storage of some sensitive data i.e credit card details on computers other than the bank systems.

E-commerce security

There are various levels of security. The most secure of which is “real time” credit card verification. What this means is that the credit card details are transmitted to the bank and verification and authorisation is performed using the banking network in real time.

This type of service offers the highest possible security available. It is more secure than conventional, “manual” systems such as EFTPos at the store counter, as no human other than the card holder has access or views the credit card details. It is an entirely automated system.

Who is SecurePay?

SecurePay uses the real time system of credit card authorisation and verification on behalf of this web site. SecurePay uses a military standard of encoding data. You can view further information regarding SecurePay by visiting their web site at www.securepay.com.au

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