Fixed Fee Conveyancing – Purchase

Our costs fall into two categories.

1. Fixed professional legal fees associated with a standard matter.*

2. Disbursements. These are out-of-pocket costs and may include items such as searches and settlement agency fees.

Our professional legal fees are fixed on the basis of the following assumptions:

  • The Contract of Sale remains unchanged between the day of sale and the day of settlement;
  • Any loan condition or other conditions in the Contract of Sale are satisfied by the due date specified in relation to the condition(s); and
  • The Contract of Sale is observed by all parties (i.e. there is no breach of the contract by either party).

Our fixed-fee conveyancing on a standard residential house, unit or land in Victoria includes the following:

  1. All conveyancing work as defined in the Conveyancers Act 2006.
  2. All legal advice forming part of the conveyancing work.
  3. All legal work forming part of the conveyancing work.
  4. All office costs (postage, faxes, phone calls, photocopying) associated with the conveyancing work.
  5. Arranging settlement with other parties to the conveyancing transaction.
  6. Attending and completing settlement (by agency or through PEXA).
  7. Preparation of Notices of Acquisition.


NOTE:*Circumstances may sometimes arise where legal work is required that is beyond what is included in our fixed-fee service. We reserve the right to charge additional costs in such circumstances. See our “Conveyancing Costs FAQ” for more information.

All clients receive a full Costs Disclosure Statement and a Costs Agreement as required under the Legal Profession Uniform Law.

Property Purchase

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