No Office Meetings Necessary

These days, most clients prefer the convenience of "dealing from a distance". Phone, fax, email and post allow us to complete even the most complex of conveyancing matters without the need for personal attendance.

Consumers just don't have the time

Who has the time to attend appointments these days? And who really wants to anyway? Our clients are not required to attend in person at our offices for anything.

Where are you during business hours?

Some of our clients live a short walk from our office, and yet they prefer to deal with us by phone, fax, email and post. This is because most of them work in other areas, and don't return home until after hours.

Interstate or abroad?

We have many clients who reside interstate or overseas, and who rely on us for their conveyancing. As a law firm, we are able to advise on matters such as the execution of documents in different jurisdictions, and to arrange Powers of Attorney where appropriate.

Keen to meet face-to-face?

Some clients do like face-to-face contact, and personal appointments are always accommodated.

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Full Lawyer Representation

Full representation is no longer the norm in the real estate industry, and Lawyers Conveyancing is one of the few firms to offer genuine representation in real estate conveyancing matters.

Reputation for client representation

Our firm is one of the leading real estate consumer advocates, and we have no relationships with estate agents. While we will work with estate agents in order to protect our clients' interests, we have built a strong reputation for client and consumer advocacy.

We are well experienced in handling estate agents, and ensuring fairness for purchaser and vendor clients alike.

When you engage Lawyers Conveyancing, you are safe in the knowledge that you have full legal representation, and that there are no conflicting interests.

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Pre-Purchase Advice Services

Lawyers Conveyancing offers the most comprehensive pre-purchase document checking service in Victoria.

Totally independent and reliable

As discussed under "Full solicitor representation" above, too many conveyancing practitioners are distracted by "referral" arrangements with estate agents, and cannot offer objective independent legal advice. (Few are prepared to incur the wrath of an estate agent by advising a client to cancel the deal.)

If we believe the purchase is problematic, we'll tell you. We'll help you to cancel it too, if necessary!

We back it up in writing

Our comprehensive advice, provided by a qualified legal practitioner, and confirmed in writing by a prompt email, has set a new industry standard.

Priority service

We are aware of the pressures experienced by home-buyers, and pre-purchase checking is always attended to as a priority.

Find out more

For full details of our pre-contract checking services, just click here or on the "How To Get Advice" button in the menu bar at the right-hand side of any page.

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Quick Section 32 Vendor Statements

Our office is fully automated, with direct digital access to title searches and the certificates required for preparation of the Section 32 Vendors Statement.

Instructing us is easy

To put your property on the market, simply complete our "Contract & Section 32 Information Form" to provide us with the instructions we need to proceed, and we’ll get your sale under way immediately.

If your sale is unusual or complex, we’ll provide you with the advice and assistance you need to stay safe, as well as being on time.

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Other Services

Purchase & Sales

  • Vacant Land
  • House and Land Packages
  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Units
  • Off-The-Plan Conveyancing Melbourne
  • Purchases between family members and Sale Transactions

Pre-Purchase Advice & Service

Property Transfers

  • Changing From Joint Proprietors to Tenants in-Common Ownership
  • Divorce or Defacto Separation
  • Same Sex Couples
  • Transfers Between Family Members
  • Units
  • Off-The-Plan Purchases
  • Transfers & Sales Between Family Members
  • Beneficiaries Of Deceased Estates

Commercial Property Transactions

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Other Business or Commercial Premises
  • Sale Of Business (Business Brokering Service)


  • Dual Occupancy
  • Residential Developments
  • Conversion Of Stratum Title
  • Company Share Scheme Conversions
  • Sale Of Business (Business Brokering Service)


  • Licence Agreements
  • Residential Tenancies
  • Commercial
  • Retail


  • Mortgage Broker Services Available
  • Preparation Of Mortgage Documents
  • Solicitor Certificates
  • General Mortgage Advice
  • Guarantor Certificates

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