Moving Guide – Things To Consider When Moving House

When you are moving house it is always difficult to remember all of the things that need to be done during the lead-up to THE BIG DAY. Below is a list of “things to do” in the form of our document “Countdown To Moving Day”. You can download this list and use it to fill in your calendar so that you will be prompted as moving day approaches.

We have also provided links to services that will assist in the disconnection and reconnection of services, together with links to Australia Post, Telstra and the Electoral Office.

The Countdown

Download our PDF Document “Countdown To Moving Day [PDF 70k]“.

Connection of Services

A number of companies provide an all-utilities connection service. They are paid by the utilities to process change of address applications, and the service they provide is usually free of charge to consumers.

Other Useful Links

Telstra Moving Home – This site advises on how to register your move with Telstra, and includes some helpful information, tips & checklists to help you with your move.

Australia Post Moving Services – MovePOST is Australia Post’s specialty service which provides you with information and services to help make moving home easier.

Victorian Electoral Commission – Contact details for obtaining of change of address documents.

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