The Best Decision

“Using Lawyers Conveyancing to negotiate the purchase of the property on our behalf was the best decision we could have made. By removing ourselves from the process directly, we could make the business decisions we wanted without having to deal with the pressure and tactics applied by many estate agents. We believe this went a long way to helping us get a great price on the property. The contract drawn up for us also protected us far more than the ‘generic’ one supplied by the agent – one which was geared against us.

We would thoroughly recommend Peter and the team to anybody who cares as much about protecting their own interests as they do about purchasing a home – which should be all of us! You will never be fooled by another estate agent again. It will amaze you how often the term ‘It’s a legal requirement’ – when it simply isn’t – will be thrown in your face by an agent. Knowing your rights and responsibilities is essential.”

Nathan Y. – Blackburn North, Victoria

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