Open For Inspection – Invitation For Theft

Thieves don't have to use a window if they can enter through the front door!

Reports of burglary and theft associated with property inspections conducted by real estate agents indicate that thieves are relying on estate agents to provide easy access homeowners’ valuables.

Thieves no longer have to rely on jemmy bars to gain access to homes. Estate agents are providing easy access to valuables for clever thieves who “shop on the internet” for theft opportunities.

Thieves don’t have to use a window if they can enter through the front door! According the Sydney Morning Herald:

“The topic of theft – and specifically thieves using open houses, virtual tours and floor plans to steal goods from people’s properties – has been an ongoing issue within the industry since the rape and murder of Melbourne selling agent Lorelle Makin last September.”

(The Sydney Morning Herald “Safe as house inspections” Domain p.8)

What’s the real estate industry’s reaction? Estate agents are now being advised to include a clause in contracts with their vendor clients that indemnifies the agent against theft or damage during a property inspection.

We believe it’s time to take estate agents and thieves out of vendors’ homes!

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