Accommodate Our Requirements

“Thanks for your pre-purchase advice which we found extremely useful. We did manage to make changes to the contract based on the advice you gave, so we feel happy that we are in a better position than we would potentially have been.

I also found your advice regarding the auction process very useful. Having never bought at auction we were a little unsure of what to expect, even though we have done some research on the matter. Experience of a specific situation is not something you can learn from reading or research, and certainly your help assisted us in feeling more confident and I am sure this was reflected in our positive and confident attitude on the day.

The agents are certainly pushy and tend to “take over” in the contract negotiation but I was extremely fortunate to be able to call you on the weekend to get further advice and reassurances, and this did make a difference to the contract wording which was changed to accommodate our requirements. Thank you so much for making yourself available to do this.”

Natalie and Niall B. – Vermont South

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