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What if a potential purchaser smells fresh paint during an inspection? And what if this leads a purchaser to suspect that something dodgy is going on? Some people may actually investigate further to find out what was repaired, and how well it was repaired. Stockdale & Leggo have a tip that could save embarrassment.

Advertising material distributed by Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate

Here’s the advice offered by Stockdale & Leggo:

“Your potential buyer may suspect that you are covering up a problem by painting over it. Most importantly appraisers are taught to be suspicious and investigate if they smell fresh paint.”

It seems that if a potential purchaser does smell the fresh paint and suspect a cover up, you can cover up the smell of the fresh paint. Here’s how:

“A seller’s secret is to use water based latex paint and mix in 2 drops of real vanilla extract with each litre. With most paint brands, this will neutralize 90% of the paint smell.”

We asked Stockdale & Leggo if this advice could be seen as encouraging vendors to be sneaky or deceptive.

In particular we asked:

1. If potential purchasers did “suspect that you are covering up a problem by painting over it”wouldn’t it be better to explain that their suspicions are unfounded?

2. If the vendor is, in fact, covering up a problem isn’t the vendor acting dishonestly by throwing potential purchasers off the scent, and actually compounding the problem?

3. Wouldn’t a drop of honesty and a drop of openness smell better than 2 drops of vanilla extract?

The articulate Director of Stockdale & Leggo, Mr. Paul Fenech, provided the following well-considered response:

“You are an idiot! We don’t want to be your friend. We are too buzy (sic) selling houses. Crawl back in your hole!”

We look forward to the rest of the 12 card series.

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