Free Valuation? Just A Foot In The Door!

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Estate agents are always offering free valuations, even though they are not qualified to do so. Why are estate agents so keen to offer this free “service”?

Perhaps the following email, sent out to estate agents this morning by Mr. Oz Vardar of, provides some insight:

“Good morning,

It all comes together….it all comes to you!

What makes a great week for a Real Estate Agent?

So much of it is about the momentum that builds when you’re working with a constant flow of quality leads. Quite simply, MyHouseValue delivers those leads, day in, day out, week after week.

At MyHouseValue we take the 20,000 potential vendors that visit our website every month and “warm them up” so that they qualify as excellent leads. We do this by providing them with a Postcode Profile report that gives them average property values in their postcode area. It wins us their trust, and it’s given in exchange for their personal and property details. We then pass on their details to a single agent in each postcode.

That agent could be you.

What sort of time do you put into tracking down leads each day? MyHouseValue sends warm leads to your email inbox every single week… prospective vendors who welcome your calls.

24 hours a day, MyHouseValue currently delivers leads to over 400 Real Estate Agents nationwide…leads that convert to gross commissions worth a total of over 25 million dollars. MyHouseValue advertises on, and is actively promoted to every major search engine on the web.

Of course, there is a catch – is open to a limit of just one agent per postcode. You could have hundreds of quality local leads with names, addresses and phon e numbers, arriving right there in your email inbox – if you take the opportunit y to be that one agent.

Getting in on the action is as easy as visiting to sign up. And just in case you need one more incentive to try an easier, more lucrative way of doing business, FOR FOURTEEN DAYS ONLY you’ll receive YOUR FIRST MONTH FRE E.

This is an amazing offer on Australia’s number one Real Estate lead generator.

If you have any question s at all, please call me on 1300 665 199 or email on


Oz Vardar

Business Development Manager”

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