Prepare Your Home For Open House by Appealing to the Five Senses

An EzineArticle by Julie Rieman.

Appealing to the senses1. Out of sight, out of mind! Hide away anything you would not see in a “model”home. This is especially true regarding trash! Remember to empty all trash bins and remove them from sight. Keep in mind that potential buyers look at everything! A clean property equates a well maintained property that will get offers!

2. Never underestimate the sense of smell. It is important that your property passes the “smell test”. This may be accomplished by using many of the various room fresheners available today. I recommend a long lasting product and prefer the plug-in style. Consider placing one in each room. Place in an inconspicuous area that is not easily noticed by potential buyers.

3. Do you hear what I hear? This is especially important in creating an atmosphere of peacefulness. You do not want potential buyers to hear the furnace turn on or listen to outdoor traffic. Consider playing music that will not offend most people. Rock and Roll is dead as far as your open house goes! We suggest playing soft background music that contains no lyrics.

4. Potential buyers will be touching surfaces in your property. Not intentionally, but because they have to! Be certain that all banisters, handrails, doorknobs and faucets sparkle! You do not want people to “feel” that your home is anything but squeaky clean!

5. I like to suggest leaving a decorative treat filled dish out for potential buyers. You can fill it with various individually wrapped candies. I know it sounds corny but EVERYONE loves chocolate and it will make potential buyers remember and feelgood about your property!

Having appealed to the five senses some other important tips…

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! This cannot be stressed enough and I mean EVERYTHING! Buyers will look inside your oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and everywhere else I might have forgotten to mention. Consider your open house a home inspection performed by an Army drill sergeant! Nothing will be overlooked!

Now if I have not completely terrified you, here is some more advice…

      Check for cobwebs that seemingly come from nowhere.
      Wash all light fixtures so they sparkle like new.
      Clear any signs of clutter and hide away all personal items.
      Consider shampooing the carpets for a fresh smelling clean look.
      Organize and clear clutter from every closet and cabinet… Buyers ALWAYS look inside to determine storage space.
      Wash windows inside and out. (Pay close attention to window sills and frames.) Buyers will typically inspect every window. Ouch!
    Place fresh flowers close to the entrance door for a warm welcome.

Good Luck! Hope you sell your home quickly! Julie Rieman

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