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Things have been getting worse for real estate consumers. Purchasers actually expect to be treated badly by estate agents; to have purchase contracts unfairly skewed in favour of the estate agent and the vendor, to have information withheld or exaggerated, and to be ignored after the contract has been signed.

To make matters worse, very few lawyers now offer any form of pre-purchase advice, and none offer Purchaser Contract Notes.

In order to introduce some balance and fairness to the process of purchasing real estate, we have developed a comprehensive pre-contract purchaser advice and advocacy service. We invite you to see what we offer, and to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Who’s in control of your offer?
How do we put you in control?
What does it cost?
How long does it take?
How to get started


Client Testimonial
“As first home buyers, we were scared of incorrectly interpreting the contents of the Contract of Sale and Section 32. Peter was really helpful in not only pointing out what to look for in both documents and potential problems, but also in giving us general advice in the legalities of dealing with vendors and estate agents. A true buyer’s advocate!”
Fiona, Seddon


Who’s in control of your offer?

Purchasers of real estate usually find that the real estate agent has total control of the situation. This is because:

  • The agent is usually the first contact for enquiries.
  • The agent prevents the purchaser from having contact with the vendor.
  • The agent holds the sale documents.
  • The agent knows more about sale and purchase procedures than the average purchaser.

How do we put you in control?

We offer the following pre-purchase legal information, advice and advocacy services:

  • A comprehensive information email sent to you instantly.
  • Checking of the Section 32 Vendors Statement.
  • Personal legal advice regarding the Section 32 Vendors Statement, and your rights and obligations as a purchaser of real estate.
  • Legal advice regarding any special conditions in the contract and how they affect you and your purchase.
  • The drafting of any special conditions needed to protect your interests as purchaser.
  • Advice on dealing with estate agents effectively.
  • The preparation of our unique Purchaser’s Contract Note, designed to present YOUR offer on YOUR terms and without the tricks and troubles associated with estate agent prepared Contract Notes.
  • Buyer advocacy and negotiation assistance as your personal legal representative.

What does it cost?

  • You pay nothing in advance.
  • Credit card payment is made after we have prepared your report.
  • You are entitled to immediate telephone or email support to clarify any issues raised in our report.
  • Our fixed fee for our service is $275 (inclusive of GST).

How long does it take?

As soon as we have received your Pre-purchase information request form we will contact you to arrange for the prompt checking of your documents. In most cases the matter is completed within 24 hours, and often on the same day.

How to get started

It will cost you nothing to get our information email.

Just enter your name and email address below, and an instant auto-response email will be sent to you.

Our auto-email will provide you with crucial information regarding basic checks and inspections to be undertaken, together with a link to our Pre-purchase information request form.

No pre-payment required: Remember, you will not be asked to pay anything until after your documents have been checked and your pre-purchase questions answered.

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