Notice of Cancellation – Loan

How to Give Notice of Cancellation

This form is for use by a purchaser whose loan condition in the Contract of Sale of Real Estate has not been satisfied, and notice is to be given to the vendor during the loan approval period as specified in the Contract in conjunction with General Condition 14.

If you find that you need to cancel your contract urgently you can use our “Notice of Cancellation” form which you can download by clicking this link: Notice of Cancellation form. It is important that you serve the Notice of Cancellation on the vendor or their legal representative before the time period allowed in General Condition 14 of the Contract of Sale expires (this is normally two clear business days after the loan approval date stated in the contract, but the contract must be checked to ensure that this has not been altered by a Special Condition).

You should ensure that the form is filled in completely, and served on the vendor and/or the vendor’s legal representative. You should also complete the details of delivery and receipt at the foot of the form for your own records, and as evidence of service.

Download – Notice of Cancellation of Contract – Loan Not Approved

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